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Sil Kay is a e New York based singer and songwriter. His new album "All my ways" is a project where early 90s funk-hip hop and futuristic sounds both blend in this ambitious musical voyage. The album includes the various facets of funky and its evolution over decades. Funky in this context signifies a more sensorial concept rather than a strict musical and technical aspect. The research, which preceeds the composition, draws on musical structures which kindle the listener’s enthusiasm, emphasizing the importance of everything revolving around a musical piece, in terms of life style and visual communication. Inside the pieces, stanzas harken back to the musical scene of the early 90s, an almost musical rap inspired by major figures, such as MC HAMMER, WILL SMITH and TECHNOTRONIC.

During the many years spent in New York, he developed a strong preference for this genre. In those years the live clubs of Manhattan became what he calls “his schooling”, especially in terms of musical consciousness. From then on he learns composition techniques and starts writing his own songs. The writing spans various stylistics currents while maintaining a meaningful common denominator, one which speaks to the innovative style and therefore to this artist’s true personal touch.
What stands out in sampling is the use of almost bizzare electronic sounds which act as glue for the pieces and leave them feeling unique and new even for this type of music, tipically associate with SALT-N-PEPA and PHARRELL, rather than PRINCE and WILL I AM. The lyrics, mainly autobiographical, highlight fragile yet strong aspects, juxtaposed with assertive and engaging arrangements.


Sil Kay strongly maintains that the concept of “song” is slight obsolete; an artist should delight its audience with an integrated communicative goal which, starting with the initial music creation, unleashes a stylistic mechanism involving visual art and fashion, and creates a coherent and above all believable result.

Music listeners deserve all of this! A song, in less than 4 minutes, must open door to a world within, otherwise the result might be pleasant but it will not be captivating" (Sil Kay)

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